We offer the tools and tactics you need to be able to run, support and grow a business in the 21st century.

We spend time in your business, we observe, we see where the problem areas are and how your system functions. Based on what we find, we develop an integrated strategy combined with creative solutions and technical advice to optimise your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.

We don’t just build businesses. We build them with plans to keep moving and growing into the future.

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What we can do for you

Do you want to refresh your existing business?

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Are you growing rapidly?

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Are you a startup?

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Plan meets action process

By bridging the gap between strategy and execution we help companies grow smarter.

  • Explore & Learn

    Together we embark on identifying insights and opportunities that power our understanding, and help us plan the best possible way to build on them. Armed with insights, your business strategy begins.

  • Design & Build

    We’ve found your sweet spot in the market, which means we can build a strategy that will steer your business in a direction optimal to your success. We also design & build your creative elements across the board and develop the consumer-facing part of your business.

  • Execute

    You’ve got your blueprint. You’ve got your design, At this point most agencies with bill you and check out. We’re only just getting started. We go the extra mile and help you launch your business and action your strategy.

What exactly do we do?

Growth Identification

We believe there’s a better way to grow. We help you meet growth challenges of all shapes and sizes and equip you with insight driven strategies to drive growth.

Brand Building & Design

Your brand IS your business. Through strategic design we build brands that influence how people feel and behave, inspiring them to buy over and over again.

Optimize Your Business

There’s always a smarter way to do things. And we’re confident we’ll find ways to improve your daily functioning, your monthly turnover and cement your place in the future of business.


We help you implement the strategy and guide you through the process. Together we set measurable goals and set in motion the actions necessary to reach them.


Failing to prepare means preparing to fail. We’ve got your next move covered, and the one after that. You can’t go places without a clear direction.

Digital & 
Web Development

We need to reflect your business online and entice action. We help you build an intuitive user experience that will boost your brand and lead to an increase
in sales.

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What clients have to say

I was experiencing a resistance to the growth in my business. I engaged with Matthew on a personal coaching program. I was truly impressed with the result. I experienced a complete turn-around. The insights uncovered were remarkable. My business and attitude, began to improve almost immediately.Tim Bosch | Group Sales Executive | Incubeta
New Normal was very fast to understand the challenges we were facing and came up with a strategy as to how we could solve them. We found their contribution so valuable that we have continued to work with them. New Normal is a crucial part of our efforts to expand and grow our business.The Velvet Cake Co
Focus, dedication, success and making business fun are some of the many things we learnt on our journey with the New Normal team. Chrisli & Matthew can adapt to any industry, and helped us realize how we can stand out amongst our competitors.Stacey & Justin Brebner | Blooming Wonderful
Over the course of four months the team at New Normal revolutionised our brand. Weekly strategic sessions and business coaching left us with a clear vision and understanding of our brand identity and together with them driving the project, the launch of our new brand was a massive success.Tessa’s Bakery
They are extremely efficient and their knowledge of what the consumer wants is impeccable! They work on a business strategy and then take that strategy and incorporate it into a whole new brand look, not just a website. They know about consumer behaviour in the digital world, trends that are happening at the moment and they have fantastic business advice.Jenni Elizabeth Photography
I had the most incredible process with the New Normal team. From beginning to end, they guided me to fulfilling my dream of running my own successful business. I am living proof that their holistic, fresh approach to business works, my business is thriving.Anja Neugebauer | Blissful Kids
Professional consultants with a passion for business, strategic thinking and problem-solving. They have changed the way I view and approach my business.Annegret Delport | Sitting Pretty
New Normal guided me through the business building process with great strategic ideas and creativity. Without their step-by-step program it would have taken me much longer to find my niche and create a business and brand that reflects my personality.Nikki du Plessis | Bride Sidekick
They know what they’re doing and they always went the extra mile. I chose to work with them because they’re fire-starters, specializing in helping businesses learn the ins and outs of commerce and what’s trending at the forefront of the entrepreneur’s world.Madelain | Mad About My Life