Disrupt or be Disrupted

At this stage most entrepreneurs have heard the saying disrupt or be disrupted.

What does it really mean?

Consider Uber and taxi services. Taxi drivers revolt against Uber. Uber is taking their rides and their money.

But Uber is only the beginning of disruption in that industry.

Consider self driving cars. If all taxis are self driving cars why would you need a driver. Taxi drivers should be looking for a new job in the same way a farrier* did when the automobile was invented. No measure of regulation and red tape will stop progress. It will only delay the free market in the medium term.

Change is the name of the game.

There is also the matter of the weak economy. Consumers are spending less and are looking for more value. They are also inundated with information. To stand out you need to be radical, different and disruptive.

The funny thing is we see the opposite happening. We see entrepreneurs going into lock down and buying into the idea that now is not the time to take risk with the unpredictable Rand and economy.

The saying still holds: Disrupt or be disrupted.

How radical are you willing to be?

*A farrier made horse shoes in the time of the horse and carriage. A very popular profession.

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