Tech as a catalyst for SME’s

When technology and business merge, ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ is the name of the game. Efficient client and internal communication are the most popular examples when looking at tech and the roll it plays in making business processes more efficient.

There are many interesting technological angles available to sme’s that could greatly enhance their businesses

Let’s look at two interesting tech angles available right now:

The first angle is aimed at the assimilation of client behaviour rolling over to behavioural-based email automation. This puts an end to the dreaded e-mail super blast mentality. Instead conversation is automated, meaning targeted, automated e-mail marketing at exactly the right time, which results in conversions.

The second angle is known as integrated call tracking which allows business owners to become aware of where your clients find your contact details, track the value of your marketing efforts.

By incorporating these systems into your business you gain an advantage over your competitors as you shift from being disrupted, to becoming a disruptor.

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  • E schutte
    16.09.2016 09:15

    So true. Most of the present captains of heir ships are lost when they need to navigate their business in a new world with all the new tech when it comes to marketing and managing. We as the older generation have a desperate need to find help to assist us with the new normal and to understand where we come from , why were doing it and where we want to be. I want to congratulate you guys with your website and your foresight in recognising the need for your service. May god give you the wisdom and insight to assist many a capaptain not only to determin the
    Harbour they aming for but also to reach it
    Well done guys

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