Blissful Kids is a Creative Yoga program with a holistic approach. The curriculum has been designed to allow children to explore themselves on an emotional, mental & physical level by experiencing yoga, colour therapy, mindfulness and art, all in one program.


Anja came to us wanting to start her own yoga for children service. Anja had been teaching yoga to kids for the past 5 years. She is extremely passionate about working with kids and has training as a Montessori teacher as well. Blissful Kids was born.

the steps

First step


In introspection we look at what the client’s capabilities are and make sure that the strategy we propose suits their skills. Anja had a wide range of skills + qualifications. They were all related and we needed to figure out how to best package it in a way that is relevant to the market.

Second step

Exploring the bigger picture

Here we had a look at local + international competitors in the kids yoga industry. What they looked like, what they were offering, what worked and what could be improved upon. The idea  is to spot the gap in the market and create a niche accordingly.

Third step

Unique offering

To differentiate Anja from other brands that purely offer yoga for kids, we decided to incorporate her various skills and create a new service called Creative Yoga. This way, Anja offers a service that is unique and highly beneficial for kids.

Fourth step

Design and Build

We had to build a brand that was authentically Anja, suited the taste of the target market and audience (parents and educators), and was on par with trends in the industry.

Fifth step

Finding & reaching the target market

Since most small startups bootstrap, we had to look at cost-effective ways of getting the word out. We focused on social media, direct marketing (approaching schools directly with a proposal) & partner networks (similar or overlapping services she could collaborate with).