Bugz Family Playpark was established in 1975. They manufacture and install precast concrete products (such as vibracrete walls) for different markets, from the domestic and commercial to industrial markets.


To create a new, coherent brand and positioning in the market, that would be able to clearly champion their core beliefs. The goal was to improve sales, through driving online party bookings and increasing client volumes.

the steps

First step


The insights gained from researching trends among the new generation of Millennial parents and the evolution of child development globally, set the tone for the strategic direction that the business had to adopt. Creating and executing a new brand that resonates with a new target market.

Second step


We focused on a repositioning strategy where Bugz moves away from being a pure entertainment-focused outing. Bugz’s new coherent brand focus would fall on the importance of play for the healthy development of a child.

Third step

Brand Coherence

We had to create and define a brand concept and message in line with the new positioning. Developing skills through play and protecting the magic of childhood are the two core beliefs of the business’s founders, and this had to be clear in any execution of the brand.  

Fourth step

Online Strategy

A refreshed digital strategy, new website and party booking system was designed and developed. A social media drive was created to enable the Bugz team to aggressively spread brand awareness through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This increased clients and sales.

Fifth step

The Outcome for 12 months after launch

  • Online bookings shifted from 10% of all bookings to 90% of all bookings
  • Party bookings grew 50% directly after the project.
  • Total turnover year on year grew by 40%.
  • From the owner: “I am SUPER focussed, clear and achieving as a result of the process”