Ground Up is a service provider in the building industry providing new homeowners with a novel quality assurance service that supports them in making sure their building project goes to plan.


Ground up was seeking to create a service that supports homeowners by creating detailed progress reports as a 3rd party during the building process. This new service concept had to be created and communicated to the market.

the steps

First step

Understanding the problem

The building industry has a reputation of completing projects over time and budget. This is for varying reasons. Ground up was seeking to solve this problem by providing homeowners with knowledgeable oversight during the building process.

Second step


We did research on providers of similar services internationally and what we could learn from them. We explored industry, social and technology trends that we could capitalise on to build a solid concept and service.

Third step


We had to build a brand that speaks to the inherent problems the target market is facing and provides the peace of mind that those problems will be minimised. Sales channels had to be defined since new concepts are hard to sell if nobody is searching for them.

Fourth step


A new service was built from scratch that supports homeowners to navigate the stresses of building their homes. The concept had to be communicated in a way that’s simple, makes sense and looks legitimate.

Fifth step

Making it scalable

Technology had to be implemented to make the service scalable. Cloud-based reporting can be shared + accessed by clients at any time. Systemised progress reports allows new employees to be easily trained. Centralised information allows Ground Up to review what is happening on all sites.