Lascocrete was established in 1975. They manufacture and install precast concrete products (such as vibracrete walls) for different markets, from the domestic and commercial to industrial markets.


They came to New Normal understanding that their business could positively benefit from fresh strategic direction. The Concrete prefabrication industry has not changed much from past decades and there was an opportunity for us to look at the industry with new eyes.

the steps

First step

Business Model

We uncovered that Lascocrete has a multifaceted business model, in comparison with various industry players. It serves three different markets and has a broad product range that has a wide variety of applications.

Second step

The Gap

The concrete prefabrication industry is far behind the digital trends that its consumers are operating in daily. A superior and well marketed digital brand would make a big difference for any player in this industry.

Third step

The Strategy

Lascocrete had three very different, markets. To sell more effectively to each market we needed to focus on: creating a leading digital experience; created products specifically addressing this needs of the various markets; and creating direct business-to-business marketing material.

Fourth step

The Brand

We had to take this broad market into consideration, when crafting a new brand that would resonate with both the man on the street as well as the wholesaler. The brand needed to imbue trust and confidence. We wanted it to look official, but not inaccessible.

Fifth step

The Result

Increase in overall sales from start month to present – 35% increase in Turnover and 90% on the bottom line.

From the owner: “ I guarantee anyone who considers using this young energetic team, you will experience growth in both your business and personal life”