Oishi delivers chef-prepared sushi and asian sides in Cape Town. The business has been very successful for the past few years familiarising the local Cape Town market with their high quality products and efficient service.


It was in mid 2015 that the very seasoned start-up found itself at a crossroads in terms of deciding on a new strategy to continue the expansion of their business.

the steps

First step

Trend research

The rising success of food-tech startups is a huge trend globally. A lot of venture capital is being invested in businesses similar to Oishi internationally, and the defining success factor for many companies is a well defined brand, targeted at a specific market.

Second step

The Concept

Different types of ‘dining-in experiences’ in the food delivery industry differ in the same way that different types of traditional restaurants differ, and therefore attract a certain type of market. The ‘fine dining, at home’ concept was Oishi’s new unique position in the market.

Third step

Target market redefined

One of the outcomes in redefining Oishi’s market is that they were given the opportunity to deliver a more personalised offering tailored to a more specifically defined group of customer needs (instead of being divided between various different groups and their various needs).

Fourth step

The Repositioning

After redefining the business’ target market, we could reposition the business as a premium brand delivering a unique at-home dining experience (as opposed to affordable sushi takeaway). Every touch point of the with the public was re-imagined in order to conceptualise this new positioning.

Fifth step

The Results

Oishi experienced an increase in their profits and turnover. The upgraded brand and positioning started to attract premium buyers to their “order online only” service.