Tessa’s Bakery Tessa’s Bakery opened their doors to the public in 2012, after 25 years of operating out of the owners’ home kitchen. Fast forward to 2017 and the much loved bakery and family business just launched a brand new bakery and store.


When they approached us, Tessa’s had experienced a slight plateau in growth and were looking to take their business to the next level with a new brand and online store.

the steps

First step


We had to define Tessa’s positioning in the market and build a strategy on what makes them unique. The challenge was to consolidate this ‘baker next door’ business and the personal relationships they’ve built with customers, with a profitable + streamlined business.

Second step

The Concept

The “Modern Home Industry (tuisnywerheid)” concept was born. Bringing the baker next door to the 21st century, through modernised nostalgia. This concept not only guided the business’s branding but also inspired revised operations and product creation.

Third step

Online Ordering

We created an online store that streamlined their ordering system and allowed customers to order and customise their cakes from home. This also streamlined orders in the bakery since there were more sales of standardised products.

Fourth step

Operating Systems

The team implemented an updated accounting system, that assisted in more efficient number crunching. We advised them on changing their point of sales system to Vend, to optimise knowledge of their sales and ensure a smooth running operation.

Fifth step

The Result

Increase in overall sales from start month to present: 100% sustained increase in turnover.

Tessa’s had to move to a bigger bakery with a bigger retail shop to supply the increasing demand.