Matheo Galatis is an experienced life coach and CA who approached New Normal in need of a concept and structure for a new business that would represent both his financial and coaching skills.


Matheo had been working as a seasoned life coach under his personal name as a brand – but has always envisioned that his business would extend beyond his personal capacity into something bigger than himself.

the steps

First step

The Concept

Soon after starting with our strategic workshops , The Fresh Perspective started to take shape. The business revolves around the concept of helping people to navigate complexities and gain clarity in their professional, personal and financial lives.

Second step

A Clear Offering

To create a clear service offering that looks legitimate, we created a process unique to The Fresh Perspective that would be followed with all their clients. This makes the service easier to sell since it provides clarity in a field that sometimes lacks tangibility.

Third step

The Brand

The brand design and website had to reflect the brand identity and appeal to the target market. It had to showcase the company’s proactive and professional approach to money, business and relationships.

Fourth step


An important step for Fresh Perspective was to create a new language or way of speaking that is in line with the brand. In the coaching industry language can be generic and we needed to create a new way of speaking that would stand out from the crowd.

Fifth step

Online Course

This seven step process further extended into an online course called Mindful Money , specifically aimed at providing clarity in the financial area of a participant’s life. The course would consist of of audio, videos and modules.This was in line with Matheo’s vision to sell his skills online in the future.