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You do. We do. Smart business moves, created together.
our services

1-on-1 coaching

Our 1-on-1 coaching has a dual approach: entrepreneurial and
personal. Here we focus on you. On a personal level – breaking
through barriers and regaining energy, clarity and focus. On a
entrepreneurial level – setting and reaching new turnover targets,
creating more free time and spotting new opportunities.

Coaching is about accessing your full potential.

Anyone in business, small or large, who wants to stay ahead of the
curve and reach new heights.

6-12 weeks | Weekly 60-minute smart sessions

Includes, but definitely not limited to: Setting and reaching new
targets, creating more free time, identifying opportunities,
breaking through personal barriers, gaining energy and efficiency.

shots of clarity

4 high-impact workshops. We guide,
you go.

Lacking clarity and direction? Stuck? This quick, high-impact course
has your name on it. Our shots of clarity will give you the vision and renewed energy to get going again. The goal is to open your horizon
and allow you to spot the best opportunities for your business. Get
the kick you need to get moving again!

Individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners who feel stuck. Those
ready for a new, dynamic phase but unsure of how exactly to make
that happen.

4 weeks | Weekly 60-90 minute smart sessions

Getting focused, idea check-ins, strategic clarity, kick-start into

your next business move

10 week intensive process.
We guide, you do.

Years of experience inform our signature, practical process, which
will take you from slow to go.

Our method is hard-hitting and you’ll need to be committed. You
do the work and we give you expert input every step of the way.
It’ll be worth it.

Budget tight but willing to put in the hours? You’ve got yourself a
great deal.

We keep you accountable by coaching and giving you the info and
tools you need to shift your business yourself. We do this by going
through the research, brand and business elements you need to
get the results you are looking for.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who have smaller budgets
but are willing to put in the hours.

10 weeks | Weekly smart workshops

Business refresh, next-move clarity and direction, smart tools for
sustainable growth and decision-making, accountability and

turn over your business

3-month immersion.
Hand in hand. Smart business
moves, created together.

This is an extensive process where we’ll immerse ourselves in
your business for three months. Enough time to check out the
nuts and bolts – assessing the intricacies of how you function and
helping you create the smartest, most efficient ways to build your
bottom-line. Get ready to scrap what’s stopping you from going
to the next level. Together we’ll create the documentation,
processes and execution plans to make you fly.

You do the work, we do the work. Together we create a new,
improved version of your business.

Businesses that need a full on-site assessment – from people to
processes to marketplace. Those in need of hands-on, dedicated
help, rich business advice, clarity, inspiring insights and a
significant, sustainable vision.

3 months | Weekly 60-90 minute smart workshops

Full-scale revamp, refresh and turn-around of your business.
Increase your turnover. Increase your free time to take on new
projects. Smart design and digital cohesion. Strategies for