Think positive or think negative: it is your call!


Let’s say it, being positive is a choice! Fate has nothing to do with it since positivity starts from the inside.

Whenever something “negative” happens to you, remember that’s the way it is! Instead of letting this event make you feel miserable, choose the way it affects you.

“Everything happens for a reason” so take it easy and stop only focussing on the negatives!

Watch this fairly short video by Alison Ledgerwood (TEDxUCDavis) explaining how our minds get stuck in the negatives:


It is important to train our brain to think positive.

Here are two simple exercises that you can do everyday:

Exercise 1: “What went well?”

  • Everyday before you go to bed, write down what went well during your day.
  • For each item, give a quick explanation about why it happened

Exercise 2: “Things I am grateful for”

  • Everyday before you go to bed, write down all the things you are grateful for.
  • You can do that on a daily basis, as well as once-off when you need it.

Try to stick to these two exercises for at least 2 weeks. They have been proven to boost happiness, well-being and to some extent, health.

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