Being a Victim VS Being Response Able

Taking Response Ability

We know you are thinking: “Hold on, don’t you mean responsibility?”

Give us a moment to explain.

When we are committed to doing something amazing in life, we are often faced with great challenges. Challenges of character, willpower, moral values, knowledge etc.

If we rise above those challenges we transcend our conditions and reach a new level.

But what happens when we don’t overcome them?

We fall into the very natural and human condition of blaming. Blaming ourselves, others, governments, systems, banks etc for our situation.

We go into blaming by default. Unless someone shows us a better way, we become the psychological victim of the thing we did not overcome. Being a victim however is a low energy state. There is no power to create in that state of mind. It drains you.

Now, we can wait for whatever we are blaming to change, OR we can shift our minds out of victim mode and into one of creation. Creating the reality we want.

In life and business we can not always control what happens to us, but we can control our mindset. We can control our emotional responses in a way that benefits us, not the victimiser.

This is where response ability comes in. You are in control of your response to any given situation. And you have the ability to respond in any way you choose.

As an entrepreneur you are ALWAYS in control and always responsible for your next move.

Make sure you choose the response that will empower you.

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