When it seems like the world is falling apart: Focus on the important things!

It’s always important to know what is happening in the news and on social media. In terms of the bigger picture it’s good to know where things are going and what you can do about them. However, when does it become too much? When does it start to affect your decision-making abilities, productivity and future prospects?

The average person knows more about what’s going on in the world today, than at any point in History. The amount of information available and we consume has increased dramatically.

You should have a maximum of one daily decision to make. The more decisions you make per day the more tired you become. It’s healthy to limit your decision-making to the most important decisions, according to Andrew Cohen, the founder of Brainscape: “It is increasingly important that you reduce your non-critical decisions as much as possible to free your brain for more important high-order thinking.”

Is it really worth it to read all those Facebook posts? And then scroll down and read the comments? What value is it adding to your day? Is it really worth it to know every detail of what is going on in your country?

Steve Jobs famously wore the same outfit every day so that he never had to think about what to wear. This freed up space in his mind so that he could create products that changed the world.

Humans are having to deal with much more information than ever before. For example, in 2017, the amount of emails sent per day globally is around 269 billion. 50% of that is spam.

Compare that with the maximum amount of physical mail that was sent in the US and it pales in comparison. Only 103 Billion for the whole year according to the United States postal service.

In a world where news and social media is designed to keep us distracted and clicking with ever more advanced techniques of click baiting, we need to make sure we choose our content consciously and relevantly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you cut yourself off from the world, instead focus on what kind of information you need to do your work in the most effective way.

Today, focus on what is important to you. Focus on what will shape your future and what will help you create value for you and others.

“Technology is a good servant but bad master” – Christian Lous Lange


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